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Join our seasonally responsive walks where we'll focus on indigenous plants and animals, often sharing a strong relationship. Discover details of the Nillumbik bush, and simple ways you can make a difference. 


We joined the global City Nature Challenge but with a local twist. Biodiversity-focused activities transform an area over time, and we discover amazing details. Help welcome more wildlife across Nillumbik! More to come...


Nillumbik Shire Council is updating the Biodiversity Strategy. 

This is a very important opportunity and we encourage you all to participate.
For this phase, you have until July 30 2023.
Your submission can support the protection and reinvigoration of our precious environment.

We want ACTIONS to be embedded in the strategy, and these actions must create the measurable change we need in order to reverse the decline of biodiversity throughout our Shire.

We have 2 documents you might find useful:


Learn about local weeds, take part in their eradication and replace with indigenous flora. The health of our environment is in our hands.
We're developing a weed-mapping project to enable better outcomes.  Contact for info




We're keen to hear from you! Do you have some knowledge to share? Want to make a suggestion? Email us

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Join our online forums to learn about wombats, orchids, avian bone pins, relationships between plants and animals, how special Nillumbik's biodiversity is and much more...

Our community, our responsibility,
Join the community collaboration to develop local plans for advocacy and action to achieve reversal of biodiversity decline in Nillumbik.

We come together to ensure better outcomes for biodiversity - we understand the true costs if we continue with business as usual...

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