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The Nillumbik community honours First Nations People and has a strong and active culture of stewardship of the land, its soils, waterways, indigenous plants and animals.

Nillumbik is a place where conservation, protection and reinvigoration of the natural environment take priority.

Indigenous flora and fauna flourish, and
there is a high level of biodiversity.

The community is proud of this shared culture and
guards it fiercely.




Nillumbio seeks to promote a richer understanding of Australia's Indigenous people, the diversity of communities, and of individuals.


Consciousness and knowledge gathered and shared over thousands of years are critical shapers of a
healthier Australia - Country and people as one.


The Indigenous Voice to Parliament is a significant opportunity for positive change.

Disregarding it would be a failure of our imagination and optimism.


All 'no' votes will be clumped together - there will be no distinction between those that hold onto
inhumane racism, and those that vote no in hope of something greater than what is being offered.


We say YES!


We hope that discussions in the lead up to the referendum are conducted with respect and care, and welcome your correspondence.

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