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We are a small group of Nillumbikians with 
commitment to where we live.

We love it, and want to see
indigenous biodiversity thriving!
We value connections with our diverse community and
we invite you to join us...



The Nillumbik community honours First Nations People, and has a strong and active culture of stewardship of the land, its soils, waterways, indigenous plants and animals.

Nillumbik is a place where conservation, protection and reinvigoration of the natural environment take priority.

Indigenous flora and fauna flourish, and there is a
high level of biodiversity, where waterways and soils are loved.

The community is proud of this shared culture and
guards it fiercely

lush forest floor.JPG


To support the Nillumbik community of

residents, workers, students and visitors

embrace this identity and

actively contribute to maintaining it.

fring lily.png



Understand and honour the fact that we are living within
a system successfully cared for over millennia by the
Indigenous people of Australia


Use accurate/factual information and provide sources/evidence for this information


Honour other people’s equal rights, including their right to
hold a different opinion, and
communicate in a way that
reflects this


Are willing to listen, negotiate, & engage in complex conversations


Create opportunities to demonstrate new, imaginative ways of doing things


Approach other animals, ideas, and all interactions with kindness



Every effort is made to keep the website up to date and informative. The LOVE INSECTS page will have new creatures added to it on an ongoing basis, so keep checking!

All photos on the website are by Vicky Shukuroglou unless otherwise stated.

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