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A BioBlitz can help focus your eyes, ears, nose & mind,
and reinvigorate your environment. 

It's a great opportunity to focus on our own BACK YARDS! 
You might ask, 'Why BACKYARDS?'... Well, t
he Great Southern BioBlitz invites us all to go slowly and carefully, have a close look and listen, to know where we live a little better. Use it  to collect 'baseline' data for your place, at this particular point in time. Discover ways to welcome back the plants and animals, and in time to come, marvel at how much has grown!



Whether you have an apartment balcony or 100 acres, look for plants, insects, other animals, fungi and more. Take photos, make sound recordings and observations, and upload them to  iNaturalist. This process will provide you with a terrific record - useful when reinvigorating your environment. You'll also contribute to filling gaps in current local knowledge. If safe to do so, venture to your nature-strip to create another valuable record. Sign up to join our meetings where we will discuss making use of this data and ways to protect and reinvigorate biodiversity in your backyard and beyond.  



Three things you can do today:

1. Use iNaturalist [or other data system] to generate a record for your place at this point in time. If you decide to take action to reinvigorate a patch, you will have an excellent base to compare how lively it is in coming months! 

2. Check out our resources page to consider how you may want to go about it. Upload your observations! 

3. Sign up to Nillumbio so we can update you as the process develops and invite you to discussions, forums and more.

echidna quills.JPG


Bushland reserves in Nillumbik have been quite extensively surveyed, and many are fragile ecosystems, easily disturbed. We strongly believe that it's up to each of us to take every opportunity to reinvigorate the patch we have direct influence on - hence the Backyard Bioblitz! Records from backyards across the Shire [and beyond] will provide vital information covering a significant area. The extent of weed problems will be better understood, as will the amazing places indigenous species are  finding to live, and the breaks in habitat corridors.
Help provide better care for our place!

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